Do I Qualify?


Accepted the way I am.

You see I grew up in a society where the definition of Christians are those who have it all together, who are spotless and without blemish (lol), who do the right things at the right time who are ‘holy’ all the time, etc. To be honest I found out I was not happy with myself. I’m thinking now why would God answer my prayers when I keep falling short, why would God use me for anything at all or bless me when I barely reach the standards being set. I don’t even qualify for any of his promises because if you look through the bible most of his promises are for the righteous and bottom line is, I don’t think I qualify to be called righteous. I believed this for so Long until God opened my eyes to the real truth.

I got it all wrong and twisted, he didn’t want me to try clean myself up, he wanted me to come to him as filthy and dirty as I was and he’ll do only what he alone does best. He  proved it to me through different scenarios in the bible, how he came not for those who know their way and think they have it all together, but for the Lost, those who have messed up, big time. For example, Matthew 5:3 (NLT) says blessed are those who are poor and realise their need for him, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Romans 4 was what really opened my eyes.  What struck me was vs 14 of that chapter that “if God’s promise was for only those who obey the law, then Faith is not necessary and the promise is pointless” and BOOM! That was it for me. That I am counted as righteous (vs12) because of my Faith in him and nothing else… Yes nothing else! So I qualify!


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