Deut 30:19; I have set before you life and death, Choose LIFE!

Deut 30:19; I have set before you life and death, Choose LIFE!

I had this place I decided impromptu to go and meet up with girlfriends and it was going to involve quite a bit of travelling. Later on that week I thought to myself I haven’t actually prayed about it So I did and asked God and I knew that God had convicted me not to go but then again I had already made up my mind I wanted to go and for god sakes I’ve been stressed all week or maybe I told myself so and I didn’t really see any reason I couldn’t go and have clean fun after all it was just an overnight thing so how much can go wrong in one night right? Well by now we all can tell how it went at the end of the day.

So many things went wrong and I was more at a loss than any gain at all but the one thing I remembered while returning from is that God pointed out to me that at the end of the day He’s going to show me the right path but its left for me to choose what path I wanted to follow. In this case I was more willing to fulfil my own desires than listen to God cuz in my head, His idea didn’t make sense. God is not forceful and gave us all free will for a reason and at some point when things were going wrong I began to ask God if he was punishing me but He said no, that I’m only bearing the consequences of my own actions and choices. it’s just like you willingly put your hand in a fire after you’ve been told not to then on getting burnt do u think you’re being punished by the person who warned you or you are bearing the consequences you brought upon yourself think about it…


One thought on “WRONG CHOICE!!!

  1. Emeka Emmanuel N says:

    Its really rear to see a believer sincerely bringing up this issue which means you’re a delight of God. God is faithful and merciful in all His ways, most times we His children tend to go our own way being ready to damn the consequences but God who sees ahead just watches us after all we still come back to Him crying, His unconditional loving nature makes Him stretch out His arms on us again. Something frightens me in Hebrews 12 about Esau who fell short of grace &there was no place for repentance for him though he sought it with tears. Let’s be careful not to go against God’s leading for our lives lest by the time you realise yourself our Master Jesus had already raptured His bride that was prepared and ready for Him. God bless you all beloved

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