Jesus came and found me 🙂

Ever heard of the story about how the shepherd had had a hundred sheep and one strayed away and he left the whole 99 alone to go look for that one (Luke 15:1-7). When I read that story I kept thinking but the lad had 99 why risk the 99 and go look for just one. He could very much replace the missing one when the sheep mated and have babies. But I was not getting the point You see if you read that story, [if you don’t have a bible, google it] at the end, Jesus said that heaven rejoices over that lost one who repents and returns to God.

My Point is, it’s you who is lost, whose life is going haywire, who does not believe they have real hope that God is most interested in and the only thing you need to do is believe that Jesus is there to help you and be willing to accept his help and yes that sounds too good to be true but that’s all it takes.  Jesus Christ was human and truly knows how hard it is to be perfect an all in this world that’s why he’s the one reaching out trying to find you and I, I’ve learnt to take his hand and trust him and I can say I’m not in a perfect space but I’m in a happy space and I believe he’s still working on me to be where He wants me to be.


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