Love is Patient (1 Corintians 13:4)

So I asked myself “am I really patient with myself” because you see sometimes I set goals, sometimes unrealistic goals and when I end up not achieving any of them, I beat myself up and may sometimes resort to  putting myself down. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s good to push yourself to be fruitful but when things don’t turn out the way you expect instead of resorting to self-hatred, you thank God that you’re not where you want to be yet but you are on your way. You see even Christ did not save the world in one day, He had to grow up, make his own mistakes, learned, endured alot of shame and despise I mean If I was Christ and knew the kind of Power I had at my beck and call I would have probably fast forwarded time and immediately be on the on the cross and die and rise and again but no he was very patient with himself, the people around him and especially with God’s timing (which can be long sometimes I must say :P) and we all know the result today- He is name above all names among many other blessings.

When you learn to be Patient with yourself it won’t be really hard to be patient with others because you can put yourself in their situation and have a bit of compassion on others. I believe God is even more patient with us now after he became human and lived like us because he now knows how it is really to be human.

(continued in  the Love series 3)


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