God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6)

I don’t know if I need to explain this any further because we all know what Pride and boasting can cause.  Now I believe that God is not saying that we live in Low self-esteem or not appreciate what God has done in your life, I mean every now and then we all have to be proud of who God has made us to be but when it starts involving making people feel bad about themselves or even feeling that you’re better that everyone else that’s when we have a problem. I’m gonna go all scriptural on ya’ll today so pardon me lol.

In the bible in James 4:6, it reads that “God resists the Proud” and I know I love myself too much to put myself in that situation, I mean that’s some scary stuff right there when you actually think of it. Proverbs 13:10- “By pride comes nothing but strife” and emm we all know what that means because when you think of it no one really wants to be in conflict with anyone especially not those very helpful people God has surrounded you with (in a church for instance) that way you’re denying yourself of sharing in the love around you putting yourself in a position where you start saying you have haters (oh please get over yourself) lol and decide today that  I love myself too much to be let pride get the best of me.


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