You may not have faith in yourself but have faith in the God who made you

If you have been following the Love Series, I’m sure you would have figured it out what you need to do before I even start ;). One thing I’ve learnt is sometimes when we give up probably on a certain project or developing a skill or improving a certain talent, or making certain commitments, we deny ourselves of once in a life time opportunities. We have been talking about loving ourselves first so that we would be able to understand what it means to showcase this kind of love to others.

If you are willing to not believe in yourself and the God who made you, it would be difficult to believe in others. I can go on and on about how much of a valuable person you are and why you should never give up on yourself but that will take a whole day so I’d rather you pick one thing today and this that God has not given up on you so why should you? Once you’re able to get that around your heart and head you are already showcasing love because people will look at your life and say I want to be like that and it would be easier to not give up or lose faith in people and ultimately God.


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