it can be really hard but its possible to forgive and let go…

Now I know Forgiveness is a very sensitive subject and some of us may have been wronged in very hurtful ways that even the idea of forgiving is not a topic to be talked about. Also, if some people’s situations were listened to, I can probably say to not forgive may be justify-able but that won’t be passing on the essence of the message of Love forgives now would it? As much as people have hurt us, we all also would agree that we’ve hurt others at one point in our life whether big or small. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from experience is that not allowing yourself to forgive whether yourself or someone else is giving room for bitterness to be in your heart . Regardless of how big or small if it’s not watched, would affect you terribly and may lead to depression, hatred etc.

I don’t really want to go on and on about why you should forgive others but remember the bible says that God forgives us as we forgive others. Since we are all about loving ourselves  in order for us to  be able to love others, allow yourself to forgive either yourself or whoever hurt you. It may not be an instant thing for some of you but be honest with yourself and God and ask for him to help you forgive because it’s hard for you and I promise he will. I repeat, it may not happen in one day but God is willing to be with you as you take that step.

Prayer: Dear Lord I acknowledge that forgiving myself or the person who hurt me is the best choice to make but for some of us it can be really hard and we ask oh lord that you help us take this step and by your grace we will come to full recovery in Jesus name amen!


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