loving me!

Well it’s been a nice long chat about loving yourself and we are finally here and I do hope that for some of us it has been a healing experience and hopefully we have a little more insight on what this whole God kind of Love is all about.

I’d encourage you my amazing readers to keep checking through the bible and also google bible scriptures on love if you don’t know any to get more understanding about what this Love is about.

Final thought I’d leave you with is overall God is LOVE always remember that as long as you’ve got God in you, you’ve got Love in you and if you let him, he’d showcase himself in your heart and in your life. Everything is a process even Jesus had to grow up and learn from his teachers and didn’t start manifesting as the messiah until his later years of his life so allow God sometime to do what he does best and eventually by his grace we will all get there myself included :).


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