Is God really involved?


Proverbs 3:5-6

So I was listening to this song “what about me” by Jessica Reedy and at the time it I could totally relate to it because you see, I used to not involve God in everything I do because I believed I could handle some stuff myself and didn’t need to disturb him about petty things like what to wear, I didn’t have to ask him how to go about it cuz I mean he didn’t give me a brain for nothing. In my head, God only gets involved when it’s a “big issue” like making important decisions or when I’ve run out of options.

The irony!!! to think I sing and talk all the time about how Jesus is my all in all yet he really isn’t.  I saw God as some sort of supernatural force that should be summoned only when I think I needed it but thing is I need him all the time and you see, no one is created to live as an island so we have other people in this world for a reason and it’s same with us and God, like I can’t really say I have a relationship with God when the only time I talk to him is when I need something.

Now God was not saying that he wants us to not utilise the assets he gave to us and just let him do everything for us but  instead wants to be involved more after all he’s d maker of whatever asset we have so he probably knows how best to use that asset don’t you think? plus the more we get him involved in every aspect of our lives the more we learn to trust him I mean I’m sure we have heard the saying that “he that cannot be trusted in little tasks can’t really be trusted with big ones”. So get going with increasing your trust level with God by involving him more beacause He never fails to deliver…


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