winnI’m sure most of us have watched some sort of superhero movie where we have the good guy and the bad guy and the good guy (superhero) tends to always win in beginning parts of the movie and the bad guy (not totally defeated yet) will go get reinforcement and they have the last fight where it seems as though the bad guy may probably win then just in the nick of time the good guy would somehow gain victory especially in a unexpected way.

Well I’m sure most of you are wondering where I’m going with this and I was just thinking about how this story kind of correlates with most of what happens in our daily life how life gives us a few blows and we ask God to solve certain problems in our lives and somehow He gives it to us straight and easy but there are also times when we are going through very rough patches and it seems as though the your problem has the upper hand and you’re not sure how God will get you of it; but we should know that with God we don’t get what we always want how we want it and need to remember that “All” things work together for the good of them that love God and God has made everything beautiful in its time.

So sometimes things don’t always work out as planned but at the end God gives us what we really need through that trying situation; and during those trying times God may want us to learn some sort of life lesson so one way or another, we still gain victory even though it’s not how you may have pictured it to be… So my point? Choose to trust God even when things don’t go as planned because with God, you will eventually win!


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