Keep Keeping on!

Dnt give up

The Lord is good to those who wait for him (Lam. 3:25)

So here I was writing up a piece for you my amazing readers to probably get inspired and encouraged by. I was typing away and being encouraged myself really and then my dear laptop decided that it was time to undertake an unexpected and un-warned shutdown. Well you can imagine my frustration! My work for the most part was lost and I started saying I mean God you should have prevented that you know after all it’s about you I was writing about and I really just wanted to call it a night.

Then a thought just flashed through my mind and I remembered discussing with my bible study group about the apostles in the book of acts how regardless of the many challenges they faced, it didn’t stop them from pursuing their God given goals regardless.

Some of us maybe pursuing goals which you believe is God that has put in your heart or goals you believe God supports all the way but then, you suddenly reach a road block or experience some sort of challenge that made you think maybe God wasn’t really into that idea and sadly some of us give up on potentially big dreams. Now one thing is for sure, God didn’t promise that achieving your dreams would be as straight forward as we all plan it to be. Even Jesus had to suffer a lot to reach his God given purpose. I mean if he decided during the really hard times he was going through that maybe this really isn’t what God wants hence why he’s going through all that difficulty, we may not have had salvation today. So bugger up my dear friends and keep pursuing your God given dreams, even if you fail at it several times, pick yourself up, trust God and keep keeping on! His grace is sufficient!


2 thoughts on “Keep Keeping on!

  1. Anna Bachinsky says:

    Thank you so much for this. I feel like I’ve been hitting a few dead ends recently with my dreams and this is so encouraging for me to keep on going and trusting God to fulfill His plan even if it doesn’t go according to my own plan.

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