Is it God first or myself?

blog fotoStressed, tired, late, annoyed at myself for making a wrong call and a whole bunch of feelings was what I was feeling that day at the train station. So I started thinking and asking God in my heart, but why are you letting this happen to me, I mean it’s not like I have been going about all day doing the wrong things  that I deserved to bear any sort of consequences. Then a thought came to head, why do all your decisions always have to revolve around you.

That didn’t make sense to me until the next day, I was reading Romans 8 and vs 5 (nkjv) and the scripture was talking about how allowing yourself, your lifestyle to be influenced by your own fleshly desires which is ultimately to please you alone is not the best path to take. To be honest I didn’t see anything wrong in pleasing myself as long as no one else is hurt and I wasn’t necessarily “sinning” but…

You see sometimes God may lead us to take uncomfortable routes in life and you may ask yourself but I don’t feel good about this, so how can this be God. For example you were hurt by someone and when God gives you a nudge to go make peace and you really don’t want to. You think to yourself well that won’t be right because I would be pretending and therefore you feel justified well, that’s not exactly the case. Romans 8 helps clarify that what the spirit wants is not what the flesh (body) wants. In doing what the spirit wants you’re putting yourself most times in a rather uncomfortable situation which wouldn’t feel right at the time but remember vs 6 of that Romans 8 tells us to be spiritually minded is life and peace, so ultimately the spirit is working for our own personal good and God’s glory. I for one know how difficult it is to put God first before anyone or anything but His grace is sufficient!


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