Why am I a Christian?


We Love him because He first loved us (1John 4:19)

Hmmm I’m not sure where to start with this one but let’s get cracking shall we? :). Well for me I didn’t really ask myself that question for a long time seeing as I grew up going to church because both my parents have always been dedicated Christians. So being a bit more mature I began to realise that I was a Christian mostly because I didn’t want to go hell and a little because I also wanted to please my (very lovely) parents .

To be honest I thought that was a good enough reason for a long time until emmm… (I’m sure we can finish this sentence) yeah. That was not a good enough reason because it made the whole Christian Faith to me seem as if it’s something you cannot really enjoy being in. Like a chore which you had to do to get some sort of eternal blessings, whatever that means. Anyways I kept on in the “faith” but lived how I wanted to mostly and made sure to pray forgiveness every night before I sleep, to escape hell in case the next day was the end of the world (*laughs*).

So that went on for a while until I got to University, now this was a whole different ball game as I was on my own away from home so you can imagine the freedom. However, church had been so ingrained in me that it only felt natural to look for a church and get involved in to fulfil all righteousness (one of the best decisions I made btw).

Long story short, I was able to see God in a totally different light and understand this Christian faith is so much more than just trying to follow a set of rules in order to avoid hell or to please my parents. I was able to experience for myself and know that this God really just wanted me to get to know and love him for who he is and be called a Christian because I knew and fell in love with this person of Christ.

I really want to blurt out right now what happened but that’s what this whole blog is about. I suggest you start especially with the first post  if you’re interested in knowing.


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