Let God make the changes not you

spring-renewal blogIf you have read some of my posts you’d realise that I’m always emphasising on the fact that the real essence of grace is shown in our weaknesses. So later on in my life I’m now sure that Jesus wants me to come to him just the way I am and he accepts me and loves me and so do I. However, I begin to ask- what do I do with this, do I keep living the way I do or what really do you want from me Jesus?

I then decided to continue with the regular church traditions I was used to, going to church, making sure to read the bible everyday even though some of it didn’t make sense and I forgot most of it at the end of that day but reading the bible made me feel good about myself. God helped me to realise that he’s so much bigger than just the outward practises (which are not wrong) but he wants a heart that sincerely yearns for him not striving for a good outlook because not everything “good” is necessarily about or pleasing to God. He helped me to learn the real essence of studying the bible with a genuine interest in knowing him and why he loved me so.

You see God’s word has the sort of renewing power that all I really needed to do really was give myself to it and consciously or unconsciously my lifestyle gradually began to change. I didn’t really set out to make any changes but God through his word was (and is still) moulding me into his perfect will and I can honestly say that I’m a better person in a better place in my life. Remember God’s word is not there to condemn but to set us free so let’s give ourselves to it with a whole lot of expectation that  God will reveal himself uniquely to each of us.


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