Am I beautiful?

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You will keep in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts You (Isaiah 26:3)

One question I was guilty of asking a lot especially back then in secondary school. In my first senior year some of the boys in my class were not the nicest of people and said things that made me feel insecure. At some point I had lots of pimples on my face and in a bid to make them go away, I used a face thing that ended up burning parts of my face. Well u can imagine how that turned out lol. Insecurity does not even do justice to how I felt then.

Moving on to first year uni now, getting to know God and all, I realised I still was not confident about answering the question positively. So I guess God decided it was time to deal with it and I finally opened up to someone about how I truly felt and bless this lady because she encouraged me Alot. Few days later my Pastor who was not aware of what was going on, told me to go learn the song “Designer’s original” to sing at church. The words of the song started my healing experience….

Long story short, I didn’t get healing until I opened my heart to ONLY what God had to say about me [Fearfully and wonderfully made!]. You see alot of us give more attention to what other people have to say about us than what God has said to and about us. God is the maker of us all and it is only the manufacturer that knows his product inside out. I had to give in to accepting only God’s word continuously. The bible tells us to guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23) meaning you have the power to allow your heart receive or reject. By God’s grace I chose to accept ONLY His opinion about me and not even my opinion  about me (then) because it wasn’t in line with his word.

It took a year and some months (after I sang that song) for me to step out of my room without makeup and feel good about myself but it happened eventually. Remember his Grace is sufficient just ask him to help you believe only His word about you and He ALWAYS comes through…


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