Problem solved?

problemsSo I used to think that coming to  Jesus (getting saved) will make all my problems go away  as long as I pray about it, whatever it is will be gone immediately. Emm let’s just say I was rudely awakened from that illusion because I have had my fair share of challenges that I have prayed about and they didn’t go away ASAP!

Now am I saying that Jesus doesn’t solve our problems? of course He does but I was missing something. He wanted me to know and be content in him first with or without my problems. Think about it, if Jesus to me was just a fixer, and I serve and lived for him because of that aspect of his nature, the day he doesn’t fix my problems will determine whether or not I truly love him and whether or not I will continue in the Faith. Also showing that maybe my problems are more important than my relationship with God himself.

You see God knows we have needs to be met. As matter of fact he acknowledged that in Matthew 6:28-34 telling us he’s aware about how each day has its own challenges but he still wants us to prioritise our relationship with him over any situation in our lives. I’m writing this and thinking but God you know that’s easier said than done and even I find myself guilty of this every now and then and God reminds me that’s why His Grace is sufficient.

Also reminding me that He’s not stopping me or anyone from asking Him when in need (Mathhew 7:7) but when He doesn’t answer us the way we want doesn’t mean He has forsaken us and so we also shouldn’t forsake him. Let’s therefore come to Him (Jesus) with a renewed mind-set as one who is there not just to solve all your problems but one who will always be with you and love you through thick and thin, making the best out of whatever situation you’re in or will go through because that’s what we all truly need.


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