Love or Religion

We love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19)

They are too spiritual,  they should come down to earth,  they are too religious, they don’t get it, why do they make God too complicated, why do they have to stick to traditions and unnecessary rules??? I thank God I’m not like them, I’ve seen the light, I know the truth, etc. Those were the exact thoughts of a girl who thought she was better than those people and that girl was me, yours truly. 

Yes I got so caught up with trying to be current and point out to people about not being too religious, that I was ignorant of the fact that maybe I’m the religious one. So here I was reading this book Jesus is greater than religion by Jefferson Bethke shouting “preach”  while I read the book (*laughs*). Yet not for once did I think that maybe God was trying to show me something that needed working on. I was rather so engrossed with matching the behaviours of people I know with what I read.

Well God had to teach me that if I kept looking out for the speck in the eyes of people, what time will be left for me to actually take notice of the log in my own eye and remove it. In Jefferson Bethke’s words, I cared more about flaunting my Christian freedom than promoting Christian unity which in itself is not true freedom. God helped me to understand that this whole faith is not really about pointing out who’s right and who’s wrong, but being more concerned with showing the love of God. To preach the gospel of peace and not of war, to correct in love, to walk with love and ultimately to live in love.

I was reading 1 John 4 recently about how we love God because he first loved us and I got to understand that God’s love towards us is not necessarily a feeling but it’s who He is. Therefore having accepted his love and brought him into my life I’m infiltrated with his love. So I get to love only because I’m loved.


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