A Guilty Christian

There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus.(Romans 8:1)

Me: I have to be nice to people, I have to be loving, I have to be truthful, I have to be good, no room for going off course from time to time, I have to be perfect because I mean that’s what’s expected of me now that I am a proclaimed Christian. 

God: it’s not about you Faith, it’s about Me. You put yourself under so much unnecessary pressure. I don’t need you to try and be perfect in order to please me. As a matter of fact I need you to be the imperfection that my perfect nature shines through.

Me: What do you mean God? Are all these things I’m trying to be all at once not your perfect will? Did you not say in your word to be loving, and truthful, and good to people and strive to ultimately be like Christ?

God: Yes, but I never said you could do it yourself.

I’m going to save you the rest of the long conversation and get straight to the point. You see as Christians most of us know we are not saved by works but by grace but very few of us actually let that sink into our hearts. God has given us His Spirit to guide us into all truth not us to guide the Spirit into our truth.

Whenever I fell short and not reach the expectations I set up for myself as a believer, I felt guilty. But God told me that whenever I fall short and ask for mercy and still don’t receive his mercy fully by still letting guilt consume me then I’m beginning to try to do what only God is authorised to do in my life. I’m trying to save myself when Jesus already did.

God has given us His spirit as Christians to help our infirmities and be our teacher among so many other roles which he plays in our lives (John 14:26 amp). Now if God thought we could be all that by ourselves don’t you think he’d save himself the trouble and keep his Spirit to himself?

Basically God is saying relax I’ve got you, focus your energy more on pressing into Christ than making yourself look good outwardly. Remember the more you are in Christ the more you begin to be like him and people begin to see him in you.



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