Angry at God

anger blog

Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

How could you? You watch me wallow in my pain and do nothing about it. Now look at me I’m a mess. It could have all been avoided you know, I mean why are you even supernatural if you can’t use your supernatural powers for me? Infact I quit, what is the essence of this whole Christian thing if all I’m doing is losing! 

Well let’s face it we’ve all been mad at God at one point or another. Some of us may not be as vocal about it but you know the feeling.

So I was angry at God and I so desperately wanted to get out of any pain I was experiencing at the time that I didn’t even stop for once to think maybe there’s something I need to learn from this.

I can’t even imagine Job’s pain having lost all he had ever worked hard for his whole life in a matter of hours but do you know Job’s first reaction? He fell down on his face and worshipped! Say what? At some point I began to think that maybe Job was fictional character I mean that can’t be real.

But, it took me for me to experience God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to actually understand why there’s a chance that was actually Job’s first reaction.

You all know it’s very easy to be all about loving, serving and worshipping God when life is fairly okay. But what happens when life starts taking a downward spiral.

So yes I was angry at God, but do you know the sweet part, God was NOT angry at me for feeling that way about Him and I believe it’s the same for all you. He was still with me all along even when I tried to distance myself from Him.


God is not mad at you

Yes it hurt, yes it felt like He abandoned me but I’m telling you He’s right beside you whether you feel or not. It’s left for you to acknowledge him and take advantage of his Grace and comforting presence. 

The mistake we make is allowing the brokenness and hurt define you and place a permanent dent on you and your life but that should not be the case. I’ve learnt that if God is not going to take you out of the storm you best believe he’s going to be with you through it.

Remember, nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

When I got over my whole anger bouts, I went back to Him and He lovingly received me back. He helped me to understand and see for myself that in the breaking is the blessing and I didn’t make that up because I am a living testimony.

So when you’re done being angry, pick yourself up ,go back to God tell him Okay God I surrender, handle my situation as you please and help me to see the blessing in this pain amen.


Love and Blessings…


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