Finding my Feet

blog photo 3There are a bunch of curveball life throws at you and sometimes you barely get a breather before you’re forced to face yet another curveball. If you’re anything like me, you’d whine, cry, or even shutdown completely and live in denial until you have no choice but to deal.

I realise that life as we know it is definitely no eutopia. However with time you’ll get to see that life is beautiful if you don’t fail to see that its twists and turns are integral parts of its beauty. The beauty of being broken and made whole, the beauty of forsaking and gaining, the beauty of letting go and being accepted, the beauty of the pain that made your tender heart even stronger, the beauty of hatred being overshadowed by love, the beauty of pure friendship and companionship, the beauty of family no matter how many people are part of it, and so much more.

Now this is what it’s about; living and let live. Sometimes we are probably too scared to really live in the present and move forward because of past experiences that hunt us and most of the time you fall prey to the past repeating itself maybe because we fail to fully let go.

Until you realise that you have to find your feet and be confident in your existence as not just there to occupy space but to fulfil purpose (whether you know it or not) then you can really indulge life.

You may be at a pretty good space now or you may be at a one of the most daunting periods of your life or you may be in a neutral position whereas life is not that exciting but it’s not so bad either. Wherever you are in life, you have to learn to take command of the situation and deal with it.

There are times where I’ve found that I’ve prayed about a situation and just left it to God to manage it and not necessarily bother about it again. Whereas there are other times where I have to keep praying about a situation and constantly have to remind myself one way or another that God has got me and He will never leave nor forsake me and He will work things out the way He sees best at the right time.

I have therefore come to the realisation that finding my own feet is not necessarily about me but it is about the stability I have found in God the author of life and hence I am equipped to face life.

Love and Blessings…


photo credit: google images (in the midst of a storm)


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