Making Life Transitions

stepping-into-the-unknown-e14159854239671So I moved to an entirely new city almost 6 months now and at the time this was me taking on a whole new experience with no clue what to expect. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t get to do as much research as I usually would have.

Being quite adventurous at heart, I was excited at the idea of fully being on my own despite my fears of not being sure I was making the right decision. I kept praying sincerely though asking God to stop me in my tracks if this was not part of his plan; after-all, the year had been full of surprises so trusting God and his crazy plans were the “in thing”. The Lord didn’t stop me in my tracks. If anything He orchestrated everything in such a way that my moving was so smooth, no hindrances and everything was set.

So here I was in a new city and it honestly felt like I was starting over. From looking for a new church, to making new friends, to learning what is where, getting lost a few times, etc. I started to complain almost about everything really it wasn’t because the new place was bad but that I was not giving myself time to settle in. I’m so used to controlling stuff that when I began to realise that a lot of things were slipping beyond my control I gradually began to panic inwardly. I missed my friends, my previous church family and the comforts of being settled and deeply rooted at a place.

However a friend of mine had reminded me just before I moved about something so simple yet so profound. I’m sure he didn’t understand the impact of what he said to me at the time but it stuck and sank deep.

He said to me, you may not know or have anyone there but you will always have God.

And that was a constant comforting reminder for me especially when I started feeling lonely. God’s presence had never felt so real because I literally felt and still feel I am doing life with him. I found myself praying a lot about everything in bid to get Him really involved in my life and He always answered. It was as if He was looking for every opportunity I gave to let me know I was not alone and that He understands how I felt and is with me.

In that process I started to see that God is the comfort and peace that keeps me going and that my joy and peace was not to be based on my circumstances but on Him. God was my strength in times of weakness. Looking back I can say that God has helped me grow. I am proud of the lady I am turning out to be as a result of this whole process. I started to be thankful for the circumstances that were somehow orchestrated to my being here at this point in time. My faith muscle has definitely been having a good work out and still is but I am not doing it in my own strength.

So I want to use this opportunity to encourage anyone that is facing any life transitions and is struggling to trust God; that it is okay to let go and let God. It is scary and can be hard but if He’s initiated it then you can trust that He’ll see you through it. Also,  we have to sometimes  wait patiently for Him to really appreciate the move He makes in our lives. I have learnt that life doesn’t necessarily get any easier but with following God daily, our inner peace grows to a point where facing hardships don’t have that much of a negative impact.

God is not necessarily safe but there is security in him; and sometimes he may ask us to walk on water and we may sink while doing it just like Peter; but we have to realise that He will always…always be there to lift us back up. So don’t let fear hinder what great things God wants to unfold in your life.

I can honestly say I am happy with where I am now, with who I am growing into and my joy is full not because of my current situation but because of God.

Love and blessings….


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