The Author

blog profile 2Hi, my name is Faith Tarilla Odede. I am a 24 year old Nigerian born, and currently a medical student in the UK.

I am quite loud and jolly and absolutely love meeting and getting to know people.

I also love reading about people’s experiences with God and how their lives have been transformed as result. So if you know a good blog or good book, or have a good story hook me up!!!

I am in no way a certified author, so don’t judge too much although I’m very much open to constructive criticism. I find writing very therapeutic and I do love to share my stories in hopes that someone does get encouraged and even inspired because that’s how I also became inspired to take my faith seriously.

Feel free to drop me an email at  or  tweet me at @Tarilla01 and I promise to reply as soon as I can…

I hope you enjoy my posts,

Love and blessings…

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