Books I recommend


This one is for all my love suckers who are anticipating marriage and the same time you don’t want to just settle. You want to make the right choice and have enough knowledge and wisdom to handle your choice. I read this book out of mere curiosity and at a time where I just wanted to grab as much knowldege as I could so I had an open mind reading the book. And I will say I did get profound wisdom nuggets that will be very helpful when it becomes needed. It is a very realistic and practical book as well, doesn’t put up any facade of perfection but at the same makes you look forward to marriage how God has made it to be.



Jesus greater religionThis is one of those books that everyone (christian or non christian) will read and go ahhh.  It brings the concept of grace to a new light extensively buttressing on why “good works” is not what keeps us saved but Jesus. it even influenced one of my blog posts Love or religion. It’s not one of those do’s and dont’s for christians.  it’s a rather very realistic, honest and insightful book that as a christian makes you feel even more secure in your relationship with christ and for the non christians helps you see life from a different view point as well as adding to your wisdom stacks. I really can’t emphasise how much this book has changed my thought pattern and no I’m not even paid to say this. But yh you should check it out…








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