Encourage Yourself!

“Her smile was like armor and every day she went to war”

I am a talker, those closest to me know I can chat/blab for days and always have one story or the other to tell. So I find my way of trying to get over things is talking. I talk it out with people. People I believe can encourage and uplift my spirit and truly help me heal.

But what happens when everyone is so busy with doing life that you don’t have the people at the very moment you need them to be. Not because they have abandoned you or are anything of that sort but simply because everyone is on a different journey and sometimes their journey does not allow them the opportunity to be there every single time!

So what happens is, instead of wallowing in self-pity, you learn to Encourage Yourself and this is a principle worth imbibing.

Accepting that shocking events will occur in your life is one step in making life a little easier. I’m not saying to start living in fear but instead, start learning to build your strength from each shocking and challenging situation. Looking at how you have reacted, what has truly helped and what attitude to drop.

Now, this is not a call to lead a pretentious lifestyle and never be open about your struggles to those you trust. But to remember that even when we feel like we don’t have help around, we have an omnipresent God who is always…always watching.

Take a leaf off the great King David’s book. In first Samuel 30:1-6, a horrible thing had happened to David; and it had caused him great heart ache that he wept until he physically couldn’t anymore. It was bad enough that it also put his own life was at risk.

However after all this outburst of emotion, verse 6 ended with “but David encouraged himself in the Lord his God” (KJV).

That didn’t mean that suddenly everything got better, but it allowed him the strength to take the next step forward; which meant going to battle to contend for what belonged to him.

I’d leave you with this; whatever happens in life I’m learning is definitely for a purpose! but it’s up to you whether you let yourself get swallowed by it, or you get on top of it. There’s time for everything, time to laugh and time to cry. Just do not let one season set a negative tone for the rest of the other seasons in your life. Too much time is spent logging around baggage from the past that could instead have been setting stones in our lives.

And I get it, everyone has varying levels of strength emotionally, and that is where we need God! You pray, you cry, you pour your heart out, you study the word but ultimately you must be ready to move forward, whatever it takes!


Love and Blessings…


Finding my Feet

blog photo 3There are a bunch of curveball life throws at you and sometimes you barely get a breather before you’re forced to face yet another curveball. If you’re anything like me, you’d whine, cry, or even shutdown completely and live in denial until you have no choice but to deal.

I realise that life as we know it is definitely no eutopia. However with time you’ll get to see that life is beautiful if you don’t fail to see that its twists and turns are integral parts of its beauty. The beauty of being broken and made whole, the beauty of forsaking and gaining, the beauty of letting go and being accepted, the beauty of the pain that made your tender heart even stronger, the beauty of hatred being overshadowed by love, the beauty of pure friendship and companionship, the beauty of family no matter how many people are part of it, and so much more.

Now this is what it’s about; living and let live. Sometimes we are probably too scared to really live in the present and move forward because of past experiences that hunt us and most of the time you fall prey to the past repeating itself maybe because we fail to fully let go.

Until you realise that you have to find your feet and be confident in your existence as not just there to occupy space but to fulfil purpose (whether you know it or not) then you can really indulge life.

You may be at a pretty good space now or you may be at a one of the most daunting periods of your life or you may be in a neutral position whereas life is not that exciting but it’s not so bad either. Wherever you are in life, you have to learn to take command of the situation and deal with it.

There are times where I’ve found that I’ve prayed about a situation and just left it to God to manage it and not necessarily bother about it again. Whereas there are other times where I have to keep praying about a situation and constantly have to remind myself one way or another that God has got me and He will never leave nor forsake me and He will work things out the way He sees best at the right time.

I have therefore come to the realisation that finding my own feet is not necessarily about me but it is about the stability I have found in God the author of life and hence I am equipped to face life.

Love and Blessings…


photo credit: google images (in the midst of a storm)

Fear – (pt 4- the liberation)


Perfect Love casts out fear

So if you have been following the fear series up until this point I want to say well done and I hope it has been somewhat beneficial to you as it has been to me.

Over the course of the series I have spoken about three major fears I have had to let God deal with in my life; and acknowledging those fears was the starting point of my healing. I read a book titled lost and found by Sarah Jakes and she said something that resonated with my spirit.

She said she gave her fears a voice so that they could no longer whisper to her destiny.

Now at first that didn’t make sense but after I pondered upon it I realise she was trying to convey the message that our fears thrive best in secrecy, bringing it out to the open and facing them head on meant stripping it off its power and hold on our lives.

The only difficulty I find in trying to let go of certain fears is the fear of having to face them. It’s a twisted cycle how fear works. However God helped me to understand that really there is nothing to be afraid of because his love has got it covered.

If you remember in the first part of the series I mentioned that fear made me set up walls in my heart to block out anyone or anything that had the potential of hurting me and the bad part is, I started blocking out even those dear to me. However when God had pointed it out to me that it needed dealing with I was scared that putting down those walls meant setting my heart up for disaster.

But God helped me to realise not until I let him take my fears will I be able to fully relish in the abundance of love available to me. So I had to trust God enough to hand over my fears to Him and leave it with Him.

I was able to grasp that God’s love for and in me had the power to protect my tender heart. So allowing myself to live in his love letting it exude through me to everyone I come in contact with was me saying I may get hurt but God love’s is enough to heal me back to life.

The same goes for the fear of rejection and failure as I had to fully realise and acknowledge that my security and identity was not in any one or any life circumstance but is in the one from whom I came. The one in whom I live, move and have my being. My source; and my only anchor in life is His assured everlasting love for me.

Yes I may get rejected again, yes I may fail numerous times and yes I may get hurt time and time again but it wouldn’t matter because those things are no longer what makes and defines me. I am assured daily that as long as God has set his love on me, I’m okay because His love is perfect without flaw and has got everything covered. Because He is the perfect love Himself.

And perfect love casts out fear.

Love and Blessings…

Trusting God and His crazy plans

When you go through the waters I will be with you

So I needed my brother’s help with some techy stuff and I headed down to his room but he was not there. I then heard some noise in the kitchen and thought to myself that’s him in the kitchen. Now to get to the kitchen in our parent’s home, you have to go through the lounge. So I went towards the kitchen fully convinced that he’ll be there but to my surprise it was my dad instead. Then I came right out into the lounge and there he was. The weird thing was the whole time he was there sat in a very obvious position even while I passed to the kitchen the first time. Oddly enough I didn’t see him while going by until he called out to me and you can imagine my shock.

I kept thinking about how my heart was so convinced that my brother was in the kitchen that I didn’t give chance to the thought that he could be anywhere but the kitchen.

Then I felt God take advantage of the situation and whispered to my heart that sometimes we can be so focused doing life our way that although we pray about it yet we could still miss God and only realised it when we hit a wall.

Sometimes I feel God leads us to take certain plunges in life that our only saving grace is our faith in Him. Sometimes His route to the destination we believe He had laid in our heart may well not be anything close to how we pictured it. It could be that his timing may be far different from ours or maybe we ourselves are not fully equipped to handle getting to that destination just yet.

There’s a scripture that says the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. And I’m beginning to believe that maybe one of the reasons why God takes us through crazy routes in life sometimes is to equip us to handle whatever blessing he has in store for us; to avoid viewing his blessing as a curse.

However easy it may sound telling you to allow God stretch your faith I can say firsthand it’s not the easiest of decisions to let go and let God. It requires a lot of trusting and encouraging yourself in the Lord because the night can last a long time before your morning comes. The comforting thing is God is right there with you throughout the night.

I recently had to deal with a drastic change something I’d call a detour in my life and when it happened I remember telling God “whatever plan you have Lord it better be good”. I was chatting recently to a friend about it and he said to me does God ever have bad plans for his children? prompting me to remember what I heard in church the Sunday before and what the bible says that God is thinking good thoughts for me for us his children (individually).

And yes indeed my friend was right, God never has bad plans for his children, He loves us way too much to let anything pull us from his perfect will  and although I’m not sure what tomorrow may bring but I’m sure of one thing and that is – God loves me and He’s got me.


Love and blessings….



Angry at God

anger blog

Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

How could you? You watch me wallow in my pain and do nothing about it. Now look at me I’m a mess. It could have all been avoided you know, I mean why are you even supernatural if you can’t use your supernatural powers for me? Infact I quit, what is the essence of this whole Christian thing if all I’m doing is losing! 

Well let’s face it we’ve all been mad at God at one point or another. Some of us may not be as vocal about it but you know the feeling.

So I was angry at God and I so desperately wanted to get out of any pain I was experiencing at the time that I didn’t even stop for once to think maybe there’s something I need to learn from this.

I can’t even imagine Job’s pain having lost all he had ever worked hard for his whole life in a matter of hours but do you know Job’s first reaction? He fell down on his face and worshipped! Say what? At some point I began to think that maybe Job was fictional character I mean that can’t be real.

But, it took me for me to experience God’s loving kindness and faithfulness to actually understand why there’s a chance that was actually Job’s first reaction.

You all know it’s very easy to be all about loving, serving and worshipping God when life is fairly okay. But what happens when life starts taking a downward spiral.

So yes I was angry at God, but do you know the sweet part, God was NOT angry at me for feeling that way about Him and I believe it’s the same for all you. He was still with me all along even when I tried to distance myself from Him.


God is not mad at you

Yes it hurt, yes it felt like He abandoned me but I’m telling you He’s right beside you whether you feel or not. It’s left for you to acknowledge him and take advantage of his Grace and comforting presence. 

The mistake we make is allowing the brokenness and hurt define you and place a permanent dent on you and your life but that should not be the case. I’ve learnt that if God is not going to take you out of the storm you best believe he’s going to be with you through it.

Remember, nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

When I got over my whole anger bouts, I went back to Him and He lovingly received me back. He helped me to understand and see for myself that in the breaking is the blessing and I didn’t make that up because I am a living testimony.

So when you’re done being angry, pick yourself up ,go back to God tell him Okay God I surrender, handle my situation as you please and help me to see the blessing in this pain amen.


Love and Blessings…