Growth means making choices

climb-blogGrowing and gaining more and more responsibilities forces you to start prioritizing factors in your life. Making one remove and shorten time spent on the very things they consider as not important or less important in order to make room for those classed as the more trivial matters.

Sometimes it can feel like a trap because we get your identity from a lot of the things we give ourselves to. One can be mother, a wife, a counsellor, a student, a writer, head of a society etc. Yet at different points in our lives we are forced to choose between those characteristics that we consider to be true to our very nature and those that aren’t or those we don’t have the time to imbibe.

Well at some point in making those choices I started over- rationalising and in return my spiritual life suffered gravely. Not spending as much time in church gatherings and just doing as I please with my faith really. After all my faith is not centred upon how much religious practices I carry out but my heart for God. Which is well and true but little did I know that my actions just indicated where my heart was at.

And it was not as close to my maker as I would have liked it to be.

Jesus taught in the book of Matthew 6:21 that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The MSG version reiterated this message in a more current style stating that ‘the place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be and end up being’.

I mean when we think of it, we can have perfectly excusable reasons to not be as dedicated as we’d like in certain areas of our lives; but just like the MSG version stated, we’ll end up being where we most want to be. And this does not come by wishful thinking.

Growing up and maintaining your core values in an ever-changing world will require hard work and subjecting oneself to discipline. One thing however that has worked for me is occasionally reflecting honestly on where I am in life and what I’m about- checking if I’m being true to myself, If I’m genuinely happy with where I’m at, what I’m doing and ultimately if I’m growing and getting better or getting worse?

This is not to say that I do not acknowledge that life happens and hence sometimes I may not be my strongest or most dedicated.

But it is to ensure that weakness does not become a habit in a place where strength is supposed to thrive; and darkness does not overcome the light in our lives.


Love and Blessings…




Don’t rush it

Dont rush it blog

He has made all things beautiful in its time

So I was rushing to heal because I mean who likes to feel crappy. I did try to suppress it though and claimed to be okay but deep down, I really wasn’t.

You see I had asked God to heal my heart and he had instead given me a new heart but my immune systems were fighting against it and I was not taking the necessary drugs to supress it. Say what?-Just keep reading.

At the time Joyce Meyer was carrying out a 30-30 challenge worldwide, 30 minutes of the word for 30 days. I felt God tugging at me to take on the challenge. I remembered at first saying that’s not for people like me, it’s for those that need to get their word right and learn the importance of spending time with you. I’m way past that, me and you we cool and besides I know when I get down on my word studying business it goes deep so you know.

Well He opened my eyes to see that maybe it’s not just for the newly born in Christ but for people like me who felt they had arrived but were left behind because they never really continued their journey.

Yep I had stopped digging deep, I had stopped laying myself at the master’s feet; I had now become my own dictator as to when the word comes. Thankfully He didn’t leave me maybe because He saw my ignorant heart or maybe His mercy just decided to abound.

So I took up the challenge by His grace of course. I found myself waking up early in the morning sacrificing that extra hour of sleep just to spend time with Him and his word and from where the strength came forth, I know not.
For the days my flesh got a better part of me, I still managed to find time during the day to spend with His words. No doubt there were times I didn’t come around to it for an entire day but He helped me know from the start to expect it and not be discouraged when it does happen.

He was my strength in my weakness.

Long story short, I not only took on the challenge but I set myself up to hear and learn from God whichever way I knew how. A month later I had started attaining wholeness and I didn’t even realise it until it was pointed out to me.

I started to know who and whose I am. Started growing and basking in the love of Christ, started enjoying his presence even after the challenge and most of all I started seeing the Light in my darkness.

You see we live in a rapidly paced world and in bid to feel and ‘look’ better immediately after a hurt  we turn to whatever suits or numbs that pain even if it’s for a short while and most of the time whatever ‘it’ is, leaves us even more wounded.

However God is saying how about you get the water that never leaves you thirsty again. How about I go with you through the healing. How about you let yourself heal by letting me love on you.

Count your own blessings

I used to pride myself in the fact that I’m never that person that gets jealous over someone’s good fortune. If anything I’m usually quick to rejoice and celebrate with whomever it is that is celebrating.

So there’s this friend of mine and it happened to be that we were both believing God for the same thing. The thing ended up happening for her and it didn’t happen for me and all of a sudden I started questioning my standing with God.

As a matter of fact, I suddenly realised I’ve always tried to outdo her, comparing myself with her and I started beating myself up whenever I felt I was not as good.

So I prayed. I told God how I didn’t like the way I was feeling and if I keep going this way I will start resenting this dear friend of mine. Well you know what God told me?

He said I had started losing sight of who I was and who He is making me to be. I had stopped counting my blessings and had started counting other people’s blessings.

And I thought to myself that’s it, I’m distracting myself from counting my own blessings and it has helped me so far deal with the issue of jealousy.

You may think there’s really no ‘’blessing’’ in your life to count and It may be due to what you define to be a blessing. You know the cliché statement that it’s a blessing to be alive  well it is very true.

I didn’t appreciate being able to hear properly until I had an ear infection that had me partially deaf for a while. When I finally got better I appreciated being able to hear properly and acknowledged it as a blessing.

You’re alive for a reason, and don’t take it for granted. Remember where there’s life, there’s hope and the bible tells us that hope (on the love of God) makes us not ashamed (Romans 5:5). So let’s start counting our blessings and start trusting in his love for each and every one of us.

Love and Blessings…