People won’t always be there for you but…

Ever had those moments when you really need to talk to someone because you are having such an overwhelming experience be it happy or sad ( most especially) and no one seem to be with their phone or available at the time? When I say no one, I don’t just mean anyone but those we regard as our nearest and blog pcture (expectations)dearest.   Then they call back, text back or become available when you’re probably done crying and don’t want to start crying again or when the euphoria of it all has died down abit and the high is not there for you to really shout in their ears as much you really wanted to? Yep! been there done that!

For me it was frustrating when I’m upset or emotional and need someone to talk some sense into me or comfort me; and they are not available at the exact time I need them to be. Don’t get me wrong I do consider myself blessed with such amazing friends and family and they have been great. But the thing is none of them (myself included) are omnipresent. Yes and no one can actually fill those shoes except for God.

I had to learn the hard way that no matter how much we try and we’d like it to be that way, we can’t make people always be there for us and we can’t always be there for people. You see I’m Christian and all for putting God as first and the centre of my life as is my prayer; but I never really actively practised it especially during my down times. I mean everyone remembers to thank God when they get a break and are having such a pleasant moment; but not everyone stops to pray/ talk to God FIRST when they are hit with life challenges. If you’re anything like me it’s after you’ve probably complained about it and talked about it to loved ones before you actually consider praying about it. And a lot of the time it is not done in that order intentionally.

You see it wasn’t after I had been disappointed time and time again did I realise that I needed to stop trying to fill God’s place in my life with people. There are great people in this life but people are people and the only perfect being we have the privilege of knowing and having a relationship with it and who will always… always be there for us, is God (Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit). I had to come to learn that instead of placing excessively high expectations on people, I should turn that hope and expectation towards Jesus. The Lord has blessed us with the Holy Spirit who has been described as being the greatest comforter, being able to teach us all things, as Love etc. and a lot of the time we need to genuinely believe that for ourselves in order to fully take advantage of what we have.

Now remember no man is created an island and we are created as a community on purpose; and this is not a post to downplay its importance. Rather the message I’m trying to relay is how about God actually be first in your life. How about He be the one in whom you find satisfaction, contentment and comfort; how about He be involved in our lives as much as our loved ones are; How about He actually be God in your life. Speaking from experience it will actually salvage relationships in your life because you’re learning to place your peace and joy on God and not on people.

For me it is a continuous learning curve with this one, and a lot of the time I am prompted even by people if I have actually prayed about the situation before speaking to them about it. And I’m learning to see for myself that every little variable in my life matters as much to God as much it does to me. God is not just interested in the big things but also in the small things and allowing Him get involved helps us to truly realise that we are never alone, and He never leaves nor forsakes His own.


Love and Blessings…


Am I really Happy?

happy blogI was talking to a friend recently and he told me that I seem happy all the time and that now he thinks of it he had never seen me upset. I chuckled, thinking to myself oh honey you don’t know the half of it. Having gone through my instagram posts he reached the conclusion that I’m a happy person. I wouldn’t beg to differ because I do think I am a happy person… well most of the time.

However his statement got me thinking. I did tell him that like everyone else I had my own stresses and worries and that we all deal with things differently. I realised quickly that as an individual I can only stay upset for so long before it starts eating away at me. So I cry it out, talk it out and most importantly pray about it and the cycle continues until I fully let go of the burden/heaviness.

You see I said “let go of the burden” and not “until the problem goes away” because sometimes the “problem” never goes away. Some problems do go away whereas with some you have to deal well until you turn the coin and they are no longer seen as problems. Take for example- the struggle of being confident in yourself and accepting yourself can be a problem until you decide to accept that you’re a designer’s original and one of a kind.

I don’t believe true happiness is the absence of having worries, fears or problems. It is rather being able to navigate through life and understanding that its twists and turns are all integral parts of its beauty. That way you condition your mind to not only expect challenges but to also look forward to going through and overcoming these challenges. If you’re Christian like me, you hold on to a greater hope, believing that all things have been orchestrated by God and He has made everything beautiful in its time. Bottom line is- have FAITH!

Another thing is, you have to believe in true happiness and genuinely want that for yourself. I mean if you’re a consistent pessimist or you just like attention so you look for every opportunity to be upset it will be hard for you to let go of every unwanted burden you encounter. I’m not saying live in la la land and delude yourself because I know as much as anyone else that life is real; however a little inclination towards a positive attitude every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

Finally I’d leave you with this- always look for opportunities that will make you smile and consciously remove yourself from any mood dampening situations; always endeavour to be thankful- focusing more on your blessings than your sorrows; never compare yourself in a negative way to others because you don’t know their struggles, lead a healthy life style and finally have faith and trust that God’s got You!


Love and Blessings…

Problem solved?

problemsSo I used to think that coming to  Jesus (getting saved) will make all my problems go away  as long as I pray about it, whatever it is will be gone immediately. Emm let’s just say I was rudely awakened from that illusion because I have had my fair share of challenges that I have prayed about and they didn’t go away ASAP!

Now am I saying that Jesus doesn’t solve our problems? of course He does but I was missing something. He wanted me to know and be content in him first with or without my problems. Think about it, if Jesus to me was just a fixer, and I serve and lived for him because of that aspect of his nature, the day he doesn’t fix my problems will determine whether or not I truly love him and whether or not I will continue in the Faith. Also showing that maybe my problems are more important than my relationship with God himself.

You see God knows we have needs to be met. As matter of fact he acknowledged that in Matthew 6:28-34 telling us he’s aware about how each day has its own challenges but he still wants us to prioritise our relationship with him over any situation in our lives. I’m writing this and thinking but God you know that’s easier said than done and even I find myself guilty of this every now and then and God reminds me that’s why His Grace is sufficient.

Also reminding me that He’s not stopping me or anyone from asking Him when in need (Mathhew 7:7) but when He doesn’t answer us the way we want doesn’t mean He has forsaken us and so we also shouldn’t forsake him. Let’s therefore come to Him (Jesus) with a renewed mind-set as one who is there not just to solve all your problems but one who will always be with you and love you through thick and thin, making the best out of whatever situation you’re in or will go through because that’s what we all truly need.

Accepting Grace


Let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace in time of need (Heb 4:16)

So I lied to someone sometime back just to make myself look good in front of the person mostly because I was not proud of the truth at the time. Then got convicted in my heart and asked God for forgiveness but for some reason, I didn’t want to accept the fact that I was forgiven (even though the person already knew the truth). I went that whole day not feeling good about myself, telling myself I deserved to be punished and can’t be forgiven just like that because I knew better than to lie (being a serious Christian) at the time.

Later in the evening that day, I went for a prayer meeting at church still feeling very bad and at some point we were told to let people know what God had laid in our hearts about them and I said God wouldn’t talk through someone like me and didn’t open up to hear him speak so was just sitting. Then someone came to me and whispered mercy! And I broke down right there knowing that could only be through God’s inspiration. He (God) had been trying to let me know all day, that it’s okay that I’m forgiven but I wouldn’t accept it.

However He helped me to understand that that’s where grace comes in. Letting me know that we are not saved by our works/good deeds but by the fact that God decides to show us unmerited love regardless of how good or bad we have been. Sometimes we set standards that we can’t really keep up with so as to feel that we deserve God’s love to us. Truth is we are not really able to reach that point where we are fully deserving of God’s graciousness and mercy because that’s life as we know it. So we might as well accept his grace, allowing it to guide us through each passing day because on our own, we cant really do much…



loving me!

Well it’s been a nice long chat about loving yourself and we are finally here and I do hope that for some of us it has been a healing experience and hopefully we have a little more insight on what this whole God kind of Love is all about.

I’d encourage you my amazing readers to keep checking through the bible and also google bible scriptures on love if you don’t know any to get more understanding about what this Love is about.

Final thought I’d leave you with is overall God is LOVE always remember that as long as you’ve got God in you, you’ve got Love in you and if you let him, he’d showcase himself in your heart and in your life. Everything is a process even Jesus had to grow up and learn from his teachers and didn’t start manifesting as the messiah until his later years of his life so allow God sometime to do what he does best and eventually by his grace we will all get there myself included :).

Do I Qualify?


Accepted the way I am.

You see I grew up in a society where the definition of Christians are those who have it all together, who are spotless and without blemish (lol), who do the right things at the right time who are ‘holy’ all the time, etc. To be honest I found out I was not happy with myself. I’m thinking now why would God answer my prayers when I keep falling short, why would God use me for anything at all or bless me when I barely reach the standards being set. I don’t even qualify for any of his promises because if you look through the bible most of his promises are for the righteous and bottom line is, I don’t think I qualify to be called righteous. I believed this for so Long until God opened my eyes to the real truth.

I got it all wrong and twisted, he didn’t want me to try clean myself up, he wanted me to come to him as filthy and dirty as I was and he’ll do only what he alone does best. He  proved it to me through different scenarios in the bible, how he came not for those who know their way and think they have it all together, but for the Lost, those who have messed up, big time. For example, Matthew 5:3 (NLT) says blessed are those who are poor and realise their need for him, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Romans 4 was what really opened my eyes.  What struck me was vs 14 of that chapter that “if God’s promise was for only those who obey the law, then Faith is not necessary and the promise is pointless” and BOOM! That was it for me. That I am counted as righteous (vs12) because of my Faith in him and nothing else… Yes nothing else! So I qualify!