fullsizerenderWell I’m not even sure where to start from with this one, as 2016 has indeed been quite a significant year but that is life as we know it.

There are always highs and lows  how we respond to them however, is what is important. Hence I have decided to make this post a simple one and just outline the few key lessons I would love to remember come 2017 in order to avoid falling into whatever muddle I did in this year.


  1. Pick your Battles– I used to always say this but when the time came to adhere to it I failed to respond accordingly. How I wish I listened to that still quiet voice to leave certain scenarios that eventually turned truly toxic on me. In trying to make a point about not letting anyone’s lack of self-control deter me I ended up being dragged into a mess. Making that point was no use, it wasn’t a battle I was supposed to fight, I knew way better than to respond but somehow my ego came into play and I ended up hurt. I have learnt that in order to maintain peace of mind; I’d have to physically take myself out the chaos than try to calm the storm myself because not every battle is yours. So, come 2017 I pray for a more discerning spirit and the will to rise above pride to strive for peace.


  1. Strive to maintain your inner confidence– the spring in our steps whether present or absent a lot of the time are an unconscious thing, reflecting where we are internally. So many things can happen that could make you feel ashamed or just want to crawl and hide in the corner. How well you manage and respond to those feelings of inadequacies will determine how quickly you rise above and beyond. I had become lax in certain areas of my life especially my spiritual life and I was not proud of it. In a sense, it made me a little insecure and thus thinking abit too hard about how others may perceive me. Thankfully in my case I had a conviction in my heart as to why that is; being as honest as possible with myself I responded. The minute I realised, I sought for whatever help I could- in my case was praying with church family, making practical changes in my life that indeed reflected that my heart was in the right direction. And this brought back my confidence not just in my inner self, but principally in my Faith in God. So whatever it is that gives you a true sense of joy and peace try as much as possible to maintain it come 2017.


  1. Take time to acknowledge and indulge in the Blessings/Testimonies in your life – 2016 was a year where I could have easily forgotten the blessings in my life because the challenges seemed to be overwhelming whatever sense of joy I had left. It was that bad that I had started worrying about problems that were yet to rise. Well thinking of it now, it was quite a silly thing to do and it would have done me a great deal of good if I had listened to the message Joyce Meyer keeps hammering- and that was until there’s an actual problem (not a preconceived one) to worry about then why are you wasting all that energy worrying on something that is yet to happen; reiterating Matthew 6:34. I know It is easier said than done but one thing that struck me this year was talking to a friend about the significant things God had done for me and my loved ones throughout our lives; and from that I drew so much strength realising if God came through for me in the past what’s stopping Him now. So come 2017 I’ll try to ensure I remind myself of God’s faithfulness in the face of any adversity.


So there it is my Lovelies. 2016 is almost gone and I’m sure there are lessons learned and resolutions flying all over the place but try not get caught in the hysteria of it all. Try aS much as possible to take note of what you can, release what you’re yet to figure out and ultimately have faith; that if you made it in one piece (whatever that may mean to you) up until now, then you’re not doing that bad.

Well I’m off now, till 2017- ya’ll pray I blog more haha. Anywhays have a blissful 2017.


Love and Blessings…


Growth means making choices

climb-blogGrowing and gaining more and more responsibilities forces you to start prioritizing factors in your life. Making one remove and shorten time spent on the very things they consider as not important or less important in order to make room for those classed as the more trivial matters.

Sometimes it can feel like a trap because we get your identity from a lot of the things we give ourselves to. One can be mother, a wife, a counsellor, a student, a writer, head of a society etc. Yet at different points in our lives we are forced to choose between those characteristics that we consider to be true to our very nature and those that aren’t or those we don’t have the time to imbibe.

Well at some point in making those choices I started over- rationalising and in return my spiritual life suffered gravely. Not spending as much time in church gatherings and just doing as I please with my faith really. After all my faith is not centred upon how much religious practices I carry out but my heart for God. Which is well and true but little did I know that my actions just indicated where my heart was at.

And it was not as close to my maker as I would have liked it to be.

Jesus taught in the book of Matthew 6:21 that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The MSG version reiterated this message in a more current style stating that ‘the place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be and end up being’.

I mean when we think of it, we can have perfectly excusable reasons to not be as dedicated as we’d like in certain areas of our lives; but just like the MSG version stated, we’ll end up being where we most want to be. And this does not come by wishful thinking.

Growing up and maintaining your core values in an ever-changing world will require hard work and subjecting oneself to discipline. One thing however that has worked for me is occasionally reflecting honestly on where I am in life and what I’m about- checking if I’m being true to myself, If I’m genuinely happy with where I’m at, what I’m doing and ultimately if I’m growing and getting better or getting worse?

This is not to say that I do not acknowledge that life happens and hence sometimes I may not be my strongest or most dedicated.

But it is to ensure that weakness does not become a habit in a place where strength is supposed to thrive; and darkness does not overcome the light in our lives.


Love and Blessings…



My Love Story (pt 2)…

For abit more context I suggest you read my love story pt1

So  I’m sure some of you are still wondering what is this love that I claim to have that has changed my whole life.

This Love is patient and kind. It is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. This Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Say what?  No human being can give you that! As I’m guessing is the thought of some people reading this and yes you are very right, no human being can give you this kind of love.

Like me some of us have gone out to look for love in people to satisfy our selfish desires. We never really go out there thinking now who am I going love so hard no matter what, that they wouldn’t know what hit them. We rather think the opposite of that. So we finally believe we’ve found “the one” and this one falls so short that it paints a terrible picture of love.

Now I’m no expert on love and relationships so I’m not going to sit here and start giving r/ship advise lol. But here’s what I know.

You get to love so hard only because you’ve been loved so hard. In other words you can’t give what you don’t have.

You see that whole description about the love I have, came as a result of one being and that’s Jesus Christ. I opened my heart to his love for me and accepted it.

He loved on me so much that I now begin to love me the way he does because as unworthy as I am of this love, He made me worthy by loving me.

So now I’m loving myself based on his example of love; I start exercising patience with myself, started being kind to myself, stopped allowing myself to look out and get jealous but look in and find something of value to love.

I started forgiving myself, I stopped hating my imperfections, I begin to believe in who I was made to be, I became hopeful again and I started trusting God to help me continually love myself.

I’m still in the process and lest I forget, the preacher was right, this love does cast out fear- every time it’s being made manifest. Now, I can’t help but exude this love to the people around me because I know what it feels like to be loved.

And if you already have this love, do well to share it with our hurting world because only God loves best…

My Love Story…

What is this love that everyone is dying to have these days? Is it a feeling or better still an emotion? What good does it really do for us when we seek it from other people because we all at some point try to seek it out from a person and when the person fails to deliver we get all bitter…

Better still why do we seek this thing called love so much in this world today. Is it to make us feel better about ourselves or to help our insecurities or to avoid been lonely or just because we feel like we have got to have one because everyone else does…

We all get to that stage in life where we question what this whole love thing is all about and sometimes it sickens me when I can’t really find answers. So I just give up and go with the flow like everyone else I guess.

Now I know God and so as is my usual custom I turn to God; asking why are we all in the chase of this thing called Love. If it’s such a beautiful thing why do I see so much hurt and pain in the lives of people who claim to love one another or better still those who say they are in love.

I thought the preacher claims your word states that perfect love casts out fear, but this love I know breeds doubt, fear, panick, shame, hate, and even more insecurity. This thing that I call love is not permanent it comes and goes and oh when it comes I’m not sure if it’s even good cuz I start to think compromising thoughts and if not careful they gradually become actions and when it goes I feel empty oh so empty that anything but love fills.

So I had the wrong idea of what love truly is.

And God showed me a Love that contradicts my every opinion about what I thought Love was.

Love so sweet that I could almost taste it…
Love that makes me so in love that I can’t help but exude it at every opportunity I get…
Love so pure that at its presence the whiteness of the snow seems dark…
Love so amazing that the only thing that comes out of it is Good!

Now this Love, I didn’t get out of anybody. God didn’t bring me some oh so perfect prince charming to sweep me off my feet. As a matter of fact I’m as single as can be lol (story for another post).

But this Love was placed on the inside of me and it changed my life, my thought pattern and my entire being and I can’t say it all in one post so this post is going to have a  2nd part!