Love is Kind (1 Corinthians 13:4)

Love is kind therefore if I have love in me I should be kind to others; emm very true but the question is, am I kind to myself?

So I’m a gym kind of person I try to work out as much as I can get myself to despite the fact that I can be quite lazy lol but sometimes I work out so hard then maybe one time during the week I end up eating all the wrong foods which ends up making me feel like I’ve wasted all that time in the gym and to compensate I end up starving myself which itself also has a bad result anyway my point is I was not being kind to myself and my body depriving myself of good health and I needed to understand that in being patient with myself, I also have to be kind to myself, encouraging myself with the word of God acknowledging that I did not make myself but God made me because sometimes there won’t be anyone around to encourage you so you have to learn to do it yourself.

So many of us fall short in different ways but instead of torturing ourselves, we should pick ourselves up acknowledging that there’s a forgiving father willing to accept you once you ask for forgiveness and being kind to yourself means accepting his loving help! Remember it takes being kind to yourself accepting God’s helping  hand that you’d be able to be in more a position of being kind to others because you understand how it feels both ways…

(Love is not jealous ; continued in Love series “4”)



BUc8SmHCEAE2koBSo I was at uni, had lots of work to do and some deadlines to meet up with, you know the drill but that day I was particularly stressed, nothing was going as planned I had had a rough start that day so I was just tired of it all and then I remembered that I was learning about how God doesn’t just care about our big needs like when we need to make big decisions but he’s also interested in our little needs like the need for peace and not stress..

So I paused for abit and asked God if you really cared that much as you said then do something right now that will put me in a better head space and at rest (this was a thought actually) then I was just flicking through you tube and came across this song; I had heard a cover of it once before but I was more interested in the riffs and runs than the lyrics at the time but this day I listened to original song and these words “After all my strength is gone in you I can be strong and when melodies are gone in you I hear a song” was what God used to tell me look Faith don’t worry I got you and that was it for me and I just broke down and it felt as if a burden was lifted. My work didn’t miraculously get done or anything like that but it was God telling me that He is that much interested in me (imperfect me) that no matter how things turned out that he will always be there for me and Yes he cares that much…