God is For You

support-handsSometimes we are not sure our stand with God. Especially if you feel like you’ve not been on your best behaviour or you could have done something better or treated someone better. You sometimes think why can’t I get this whole Christian thing right? I’m up today and I’m down tomorrow… its like the moment I take two steps forward, the next time I’m taking three steps backwards. Yep annoying and sometimes it makes you not want to make the effort so you decide you know what I’m not just good enough; and subconsciously it begins to affect the confidence you have on God’s love for you. I’m not just speaking out of some abstract knowledge this is me a lot of the time.

But I realised something that I’d thought would be helpful to you all. Something that keeps me going, not give up easily both in my stellar times and in my not so stellar times is that God is for me and on my side and his love for me is consistent. May sound cliché but you’ll be surprised how many people struggle to believe this ALL the time, myself included.

You see sometimes leading this Christian life in a world that dictates we do otherwise can be truly difficult; especially when a lot of “things” the bible clearly discourages are deemed as normal and the idea that “everyone” engages in it may lightens the burden that we may be wrong. So sometimes we are tempted to relax on certain lifestyles in bid to be more accepting or to just fit in after-all as Christians we need to “fit in” to be able to reach and touch lives? well I don’t know about that. The point however I’m trying to make is that we need to stop looking outside and using it as a benchmark of how we lead our lives.

We need to look inwards and see what God is convicting you of as person and use that as a yardstick for your life.

I’m learning lately that every Christian do not have the same path here on earth. So we can’t even look at other Christians and use it as a sole compass to direct our ship. Because to be honest you may end up feeling either inadequate or yet still better than some others. And before you know it you miss the point.

Another thing is for you to remember that God’s love for you is not to be judged by how you feel about that idea. Don’t reduce God’s love for you to just feelings and then make it a give and take sort of game. God is not trying to play ping pong with your heart so stop doing that to yourself. He doesn’t stop and never stops loving you… end of! Contrary to a lot of thought He is not trying to catch you out if anything He is trying to pull you in closer.

So whenever you fall short, sincerely ask for forgiveness and the grace to be and do better. And if the enemy tries to whisper to you that you’re not deserving of God’s love, you catch that thought and speak out to yourself that it is a lie and God is for you and you may not be where you want to be but you’re not where you used to be.

One last thing always remember especially when you’re in difficult times that those times always pass regardless. And KEEP PRAYING because those difficult times can be our most vulnerable of times and hence the need to hold even more tightly to the only one from whom we can draw strength. Speaking from experience He truly does become our strength in times of weakness. Don’t get me wrong you may be mad at God for letting you have such difficulties and it’s ok for a while but don’t stay mad because you give the devil an upper hand over your life. You tell God to help you not be mad at him and give you the grace to hold on to him tightly and He will.

God doesn’t want us running away from Him or seeing him as the not so good God. He is very keen to always be on your side and have you on his side so you can lead the fulfilled life he’s called you into please let Him.

Love and Blessings…



winnI’m sure most of us have watched some sort of superhero movie where we have the good guy and the bad guy and the good guy (superhero) tends to always win in beginning parts of the movie and the bad guy (not totally defeated yet) will go get reinforcement and they have the last fight where it seems as though the bad guy may probably win then just in the nick of time the good guy would somehow gain victory especially in a unexpected way.

Well I’m sure most of you are wondering where I’m going with this and I was just thinking about how this story kind of correlates with most of what happens in our daily life how life gives us a few blows and we ask God to solve certain problems in our lives and somehow He gives it to us straight and easy but there are also times when we are going through very rough patches and it seems as though the your problem has the upper hand and you’re not sure how God will get you of it; but we should know that with God we don’t get what we always want how we want it and need to remember that “All” things work together for the good of them that love God and God has made everything beautiful in its time.

So sometimes things don’t always work out as planned but at the end God gives us what we really need through that trying situation; and during those trying times God may want us to learn some sort of life lesson so one way or another, we still gain victory even though it’s not how you may have pictured it to be… So my point? Choose to trust God even when things don’t go as planned because with God, you will eventually win!



Love is Patient (1 Corintians 13:4)

So I asked myself “am I really patient with myself” because you see sometimes I set goals, sometimes unrealistic goals and when I end up not achieving any of them, I beat myself up and may sometimes resort to  putting myself down. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s good to push yourself to be fruitful but when things don’t turn out the way you expect instead of resorting to self-hatred, you thank God that you’re not where you want to be yet but you are on your way. You see even Christ did not save the world in one day, He had to grow up, make his own mistakes, learned, endured alot of shame and despise I mean If I was Christ and knew the kind of Power I had at my beck and call I would have probably fast forwarded time and immediately be on the on the cross and die and rise and again but no he was very patient with himself, the people around him and especially with God’s timing (which can be long sometimes I must say :P) and we all know the result today- He is name above all names among many other blessings.

When you learn to be Patient with yourself it won’t be really hard to be patient with others because you can put yourself in their situation and have a bit of compassion on others. I believe God is even more patient with us now after he became human and lived like us because he now knows how it is really to be human.

(continued in  the Love series 3)